The Deutschmann UNIGATE IC is a complete Single-Chip EtherCAT-solution in a 32-DIL-housing. On a space of 45 x 25 mm only the unit contains all required components, such as microcontroller, Flash, RAM, EtherCAT-chip and of course the analog components, e. g. optocoupler and bus driver. The UNIGATE IC is to be connected to the microprocessor of the terminal unit or it can be operated Stand-Alone. The UNIGATE IC-Fast Ethernet is used in numerous applications and with it the problem-free operation has been proven. The integrated microprocessor handles the complete data traffic with the Fieldbus and with it relieves the processor of the terminal unit of this considerable effort. The terminal unit's protocol is converted in the UNIGATE IC via a Script. This Script is generated with the free PC-tool Protocol Developer and it is optimally adjusted to the final product and the requirements of the Fieldbus-Master. Changes in the firmware of the terminal device are not necessary and the terminal device's microprocessor is not stressed additionally with communication- and Fieldbus-tasks. The hard- and software-interfaces of the Deutschmann UNIGATE IC-series are standardized and functionally the same. Consequently the interchangeability of the different versions of the UNIGATE IC-types is guaranteed without changing the device's electronic system.


The Deutschmann UNIGATE IC-Fast Ethernet is especially suitable for the use with terminal units from the automation control. There it does not matter whether it is a complex control or a simple actor or sensor. Of course control components beyond the classical automatic control can also be connected to the Fieldbus world or to the buses based on Ethernet with UNIGATE IC.

Scope of functions

The Deutschmann UNIGATE IC Gateway uses a data capacity of 1024 Byte and supports the speed 100 MBaud.

The connection of LEDs to signal the state of the device occurs through the shift register interface or directly through the Fieldbus ASIC. The special advantage of the UNIGATE IC-series is its Script-capability. Due to that capability it is not necessary to modify the firmware of the terminal equipment. With the Script the user has the freedom and the possibility of a simple transparent data transfer through the generation of complex protocols up to data editing.


For the use in systems with own microprocessor, the UNIGATE IC-Fast Ethernet is connected to the processor of the terminal equipment via an UART-interface. The UNIGATE IC takes on the complete communication part, including the Ethernet-side and consequently relieves the processor of the terminal unit of this considerable effort. The communication between the device's processor and the UNIGATE IC is controlled by the Script. Due to the Script technology complex protocols can be replicated, data can be processed and buffered between, calculated and so on. And the terminal equipment's firmware is not touched!

Stand-Alone operation

The connection to terminal equipment without processor can be carried out via the clocked shift register. A maximum of 256 signals for input and output each can be processed; the UNIGATE IC's firmware is responsible for the different number of input and output signals and takes over control for it.

Configuration interface

The second serial interface of the UNIGATE IC can be used either as diagnostic output or as Debug-interface for testing a Script.

Your advantage

Due to the use of Deutschmann UNIGATE IC-modules your development effort is reduced by estimated 70 to 80% and with it valuable time for market introduction is saved. Because of the continuity of the Deutschmann UNIGATE IC-series not only the bus described here becomes implemented through changing your electronic system just once but also the complete Fieldbus variety offered by Deutschmann as well as the buses Deutschmann offers, that are based on Ethernet are made available for you. Also the Script that has been generated once can be used virtually without changes for the other Fieldbus-versions or Ethernet based versions of the UNIGATE IC-series. The adjustment to your own terminal equipment's firmware is dropped.

Hotline and Support

A team of qualified experts offer assistance in the implementation, putting into operation, configuration and generation of the Script. Trainings for the different subject areas round off this offer.

  • Supports CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Connection via UART-interface to the existing microprocessor or also suitable for Stand-Alone operation via shift register
  • Max. 1024 bytes input data and 1024 bytes output data
  • Supports 100 MBit/s
  • Separation of the potentials and Ethernet-transformer
  • UART-interface with up to 625 Kbit/s
  • Synchronous shift register interface
  • Serial interface for Script download, configuration, Debug-function
  • Script language for the optimal adaptation to your field device
  • Script generation by means of the free Protocol Developer
  • No firmware modification of your final product required
  • Interchangeable with other Deutschmann UNIGATE Fieldbus Gateways and the Ethernet-based versions

Technical data

  • Dimensions (B x D x H in mm): 45 x 25 x 12
  • Voltage supply: 3.3 Volt
  • Housing: 32 DIL
  • Current consumption: Typical 230 mA
  • Operating temperature: Industrial temperature range: -40°C up to +85°C
  • Fieldbus functions: CAN application layer over EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Fieldbus baud rate: 100 MBaud
  • Technology: ASIC
  • Certificates: CE




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