E°UBM I/O Family

The new generation of fieldbus modules by Eckelmann convinces with a broad range of modules and easy handling. Its robust, EMC proof, and compact design allows for a particularly broad range of applications when combined with E°EXC 89 CNC/Motion/PLC controller and E°SLC 89 dedicated safety controller. The I/O system facilitates clock-synchronised integration in EtherCAT or CANopen fieldbusses. Eckelmann relies on EtherCAT as the system bus for its E°EXC 89 controller series for seamless networking of controllers, I/O modules and servo drives, as well as safety functions.

  • Fine granular I/O system for more scalability and flexibility in the control cabinet
  • Wide range of function modules
  • Module width: 11.5 mm
  • Easy wiring thanks to a practical Push-In technology
  • Interference-free operation
  • Ideal for terminal boxes with low overall height
  • Bus couplers for EtherCAT and CANopen field busses
  • Webserver integrated for easy network or USB commissioning
  • EtherCAT Safe I/Os and safe power-feed modules for integrated safety solutions with the E°SLC 89 dedicated safety controller by Eckelmann