X-GO Logic Control

The software X-GO allows the control of fieldbus devices (EtherCAT and other Ethernet-based protocols) under realtime condition, without programming. All stations can be controlled logically with a simple text based script language. On this occasion, different commands are provided for evaluation of constants and station values, for Timer and conditional jumps. Moreover, the input is checked for logical mistakes with a script checker. X-GO enables the complete administration of all field-bus-stations. The station-monitor shows the current input and output conditions in realtime.

The control of fieldbus devices within X-GO is managed by a logical script language. This script language is textbased and saved in the file LOGIC.PAR. X-GO provides an editor to edit the script language. The SCRIPT language provides commands for Timers, Counters Jumps, Constant Values and Station Values.

The StepMode of X-GO allows a single line execution of the logical script. Each step executes a line command, while its results are updated in the station monitor.


X-GO Logic Control




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