Safe AX8000 Servo Drive

Compact multi-axis system with maximum control speeds, plus fast installation

The AX8000 multi-axis servo system greatly simplifies the implementation of multi-channel drive solutions. The required number of 1-channel or 2-channel axis modules are attached to the central supply module. The modules are connected without screws or tools using the built-in AX-Bridge quick connection system, which is based on spring-loaded terminals. The 1-axis and 2-axis modules can optionally be equipped with STO or TwinSAFE (drive-integrated safety functions).

eXtreme Fast Control in the drive

The EtherCAT-based AX8000 multi-axis servo system combines powerful FPGA technology with multi-core ARM processors. The new multi-channel current control technology enables extremely short sampling and response times. The entirely hardware-implemented current controller combines the advantages of analog and digital control technology: reaction to a current deviation from the setpoint value is possible within 1 µs; the velocity controller cycle time is around 16 µs at a switching frequency of 32 kHz. The processing of EtherCAT process data (actual and setpoint values) is carried out without a processor almost without delay in the hardware, so that the minimum EtherCAT cycle time is only 62.5 µs.

One Cable Technology (OCT)

The AX8000 multi-axis servo system supports OCT, the One Cable Technology for power and feedback. In connection with the servomotors from the AM8000 (standard), AM8500 (increased inertia) and AM8800 (stainless steel) series, the wiring is reduced to the standard motor cable, via which the feedback signals are also transmitted. As in sensorless control, the user no longer has to use an additional feedback cable. All information required for control purposes is transmitted reliably and interference-proof via a digital interface.

Drive-integrated safety functions

The AX8000 with TwinSAFE supports the typical drive-integrated safety functions and fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (up to Cat. 4, PL e).

  • stop functions (STO, SS1) via digital inputs or via FSoE. Available with order code AX8xxx-0100.
  • stop functions (STO, SOS, SS1, SS2)
  • speed functions (SLS, SSM, SSR, SMS) with up to 8 speeds
  • position functions (SLP, SCA, SLI) with reference cams
  • acceleration functions (SAR, SMA)
  • rotating direction functions (SDIp, SDIn)
  • brake function (SBC)
  • safe brake test (SBT)


Safe AX8000 Servo Drive


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