EtherCAT Services

Nuvation possesses specialized EtherCAT design services within our larger umbrella of electronic design expertise including FPGA/ASIC, digital/analog board design, DSP/MCU, RF/wireless, signal integrity, embedded software and turnkey product design.

Some of the EtherCAT and embedded networking related services Nuvation offers customers include:

  • Feasibility studies and requirements analysis
  • Systems, network and protocol design
  • Migration from other networking solutions
  • CANopen integration
  • EtherCAT master and slave software design
  • EtherCAT slave hardware design
  • Generation of the necessary XML configuration files on master and slave sides
  • Master stack selection and integration with real-time operating systems
  • Relationships with and knowledge of ASIC/IP core suppliers, SW stack suppliers, configuration and diagnostic tools and with the EtherCAT Technology Group
  • Systems integration and testing
  • Preparation and design for regulatory conformance testing



Nuvation Engineering

Nuvation Engineering