PCH Network Portal

The PCH Network Portal is designed for general pneumatic control of industrial machinery on an Ethernet network for all types of automated industrial equipment. The PCH Network Portal was engineered with configurable I/O with true PNP / NPN circuitry switching and IO-Link master capability on each port for easy machine design changes.

Features / Benefits:

  • The PCH Network Portal is an intuitive, easy to configure device which thereby simplifies I/O on the network by reducing the overall connection cost of equipment. Designed to provide smart, intuitive feedback to the user for preventative maintenance this helps eliminate the risk of missed-connections while reducing setup time and increases the inter-operability for ease of integration within multiple different network topologies.
  • The PCH Network Portal supports prognostic maintenance work with protection on reverse polarity, under voltage, short circuit warnings, over voltage, over current and parameter limit errors to name a few. It also offers a rolling log of forty errors, warnings and events and helpful troubleshooting suggestions like a built-in technician.
  • The PCH Network Portal has an embedded webpage for remote diagnostics and visualization of process data or via a web server when remote maintenance is desired allowing for easy integration.
  • Configuration is easily accomplished with tools embedded software. Enhancements such as a USB, Bluetooth and Rotary switches allow for easy set up.
  • The PCH Network Portal is “Safe Power Capable” which allows for test pulse (OSSD) compatibility and can be supplied auxiliary power from a safe output device following machinery directives.
  • Easy zoning of PCH Network Portal is accomplished with to two separate power pins and two separate grounds (one for each zone) which allows the customer to bring safe or non-safe power to each pin.
  • Suitable for use with EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP network protocols




PCH Network Portal


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