EtherCAT Data Logger

The EtherCAT Data Logger is a standalone Windows software for logging process data from the EtherCAT slaves. The software includes an EtherCAT master that controls the bus and handles the communication with the connected slaves. The acquired data can be continuously saved to ASCII or binary files. A scaling step for analog channels is included, so that values can be saved in their physical representation.

The software is based on the Kithara RealTime Suite, which allows deterministic acquisition rates on Windows systems. Stable rates > 5 kHz can be achieved on normal PC systems.

The following features are included:

  • Automatic bus scan for slave configuration
  • PDO assignment configuration
  • SDO startup lists
  • 2 scaling steps for analog channels (ADC value to electrical input and electrical input to phsical value)
  • Free channel naming and description
  • Plot view of channels
  • SDO read and write functionality


EtherCAT Data Logger


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