EtherCAT Junction CU1128

Line, tree or star: EtherCAT supports almost any topology. If a star topology requires several branches at a particular point, the 8-way CU1128 EtherCAT Junction can be used instead of several EK1122 devices. Port 1 is the input port for the network. Further EK1100 or EtherCAT Box modules can be connected at ports 2 to 8. The EtherCAT junctions are connected via RJ 45 sockets with direct display of link and activity status.

In conjunction with TwinCAT or other suitable EtherCAT masters the CU1128 also supports coupling and uncoupling of EtherCAT strands during operation (Hot Connect). The device cannot be used as a standard Ethernet switch.




EtherCAT Junction CU1128


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