Modular Remote I/O System CPX-E

Compact, low cost and powerful

The automation system CPX-E is designed as a remote I/O and PLC family. The remote I/O covers all major aspects for factory and process automation task, as the motion control modules are designed for handling technology, with an EtherCAT® master controller and a motion controller with protection to IP20.

Different modules are available for using it as a compact motion control or low-cost remote I/O.

  • Bus modules for CPX-E remote I/O: EtherCAT and other leading fieldbus systems are supported
  • IO-Link® master module (4 channels)*
  • Digital* and analogue input and output modules (max. 16 channels)
  • Counter module

* These modules meet the requirements for process automation applications in accordance with NE21 (interference immunity requirements for process and laboratory control equipment) and IECEx.


Modular Remote I/O System CPX-E



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