netRAPID - Ready-to-solder netX-Design in stamp size

  • Complete Slave interface with smallest footprint
  • One hardware for all Real-Time Ethernet slaves
  • Transparent Ethernet channel for own IT solutions
  • Firmware-Update via integrated Webserver
  • Prototyping or SMD mass production
  • Integrated OPC UA Server & MQTT Client

netRAPID is the rapid and secure alternative to developing your own slave using a communication controller. As stamp-sized netX chip carrier, it is integrated into the customer hardware in the same manner as a QFP part. It is designed for automated SMD series production as well as for rapid prototyping. At the same time netRAPID offers adequate costs per unit as well as reduced risk and fast time-to-market.

To meet the different requirements of intelligent field devices, there are two versions of netRAPID for Real-Time Ethernet: Optimized for minimum space requirements, including magnetics, SQI flash and netX multiprotocol chip. Its focus is on Real-Time Ethernet communication and the protocol stack will be executed in the internal RAM of the netX.

Optimized to advanced features. Besides Real-Time Ethernet communication there is an integrated Webserver as well as an additional transparent Ethernet channel available, to realize own IT solutions in the host processor of the automation device. The magnetics need to be integrated on the baseboard. Moreover, an upgrade with integrated OPC UA server and a MQTT client is available.

Just add licensed firmware during the manufacturing process to enable full functionality.





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