Flexi Soft

The Flexi Soft EtherCAT gateway allows the Flexi Soft system to send and receive non-safety related data to and from the external fieldbus system for control and diagnostic purposes. This means input/output status as well as fault and status information can be read from a PLC and non-safe process data can be sent from the PLC to the Flexi Soft.

The configuration of the Flexi Soft gateway is performed using the Flexi Soft Designer configuration software. The safety relevant logic of the Flexi Soft system operates independently from the gateway.

Your benefits:

  • Default and status information about all Flexi Soft modules, incl. EFI devices, provides fast troubleshooting
  • Remote diagnostics via TCP/IP reduces service work and downtime
  • CRC-Data is available to verify the configuration


Flexi Soft