XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit

The XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit is a game changer for EtherCAT® development. At the heart of this EtherCAT® Slave Evaluation Kit is the XMC4300 Microcontroller - a microcontroller to integrate an EtherCAT® Slave Controller on an ARM® Cortex®-M controller with on-chip flash and analog/mixed signal capabilities and fully compatible with his bigger brother the XMC4800. Additionally to the EtherCAT® node the XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit is equipped with a CAN node, on-board debugger and is hardware compatible for Arduino Shields and click boards. And the best of all, it has never been that easy to start your EtherCAT® development, just plug this kit to your PC and enjoy.

Summary of features:

  • XMC4300-F100 Microcontroller based on ARM ® Cortex ®-M4@144MHZ, integrated EtherCAT ®Slave Controller, 256kB Flash and 128kB RAM
  • On-Board Debugger
  • Power over USB
  • ESD and reverse current protection
  • 2x user button and 2x user LED
  • Arduino hardware compatible 3.3V and 5V pinout
  • mikroBUS hardware compatible for click boards
  • CAN node with D-SUB 9 plug
  • EtherCAT ® node with standard plug
  • EtherCAT ® node with PHY to PHY connection (optional)




XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT Kit


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