Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers

Bronkhorst High-Tech offers thermal mass flow meters and controllers for gases and liquids, as well as digital pressure controllers with integrated EtherCAT® interface. The wide range of digital metering and control devices is applied in many different markets, e.g. machinery used to produce electronic chips, LED lights and solar cells, food & beverage and chemical industries, gas and fluid analysis equipment, glass and tool coating processes and testing fuel cells for the automotive industry.

The EtherCAT program includes:

  • Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases
    ranging from 0-0.7 mln/min up to 0-1870 ln/min
  • Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for liquids
    ranging from 0-30 mg/h up to 0-1 kg/h
  • Pressure Meters/Controllers for 0-100 mbar
    up to 0-400 bar

EtherCAT specific instrument features:

  • RJ45 inlet/outlet connections
  • Secondary address switches
  • Supported protocols:
    CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
    Process Data Objects (PDO)
  • Device Profile DS-404 support


Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers



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