andronic 3060 CNC Control System

andron's new CNC generation andronic 3060, a multi processor system with modular power adaptation, integrated Soft-PLC and Windows® XP technology. High functional security by using selected industrial PC components, the standardized digital SERCOS interface and the current field bus systems like EtherCAT as interface to all I/O periphery devices present the openness and flexibility of the control system.

The principal item of the system designated andronic 3060 are two powerful Intel® processors communicating with one another via a PCIe-to-PCIe bridge. One processor is responsible only for the control kernel (NC computer) and the other for the user interface (HMI computer).

The separation of functions allows separating processes and guarantees the completely undisturbed work sequence on the NC level whereas, independently and completely separated from the former. The computing power required on the HMI level for data handling or other actions does not lead to any capacity problems such as speed disruption or interruption to the work sequence.

For years, andron has been focusing on the highest performance, and with the andronic series, it offers high-end CNC control systems for demanding applications of all kinds.


andronic 3060 CNC Control System


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