EtherCAT Junction Slave – TEAM HUB PoE

EtherCAT allows the user to use nearly every topology, but the assembling of star and tree topologies requires slaves or infrastructure devices with more than two EtherCAT-ports. The new TEAM HUB PoE is such a device and provides four (4) EtherCAT ports as RJ45 sockets. Two (2) of the EtherCAT ports support "Power over EtherCAT" based on IEEE standard 802.3af. The main features are:

  • Four (4) RJ45 sockets
  • Two (2) EtherCAT-ports provide “Power over EtherCAT”
  • 15.4W maximum power is distributed to the two (2) PoE ports
  • Quick setup
  • Indication of Power and device state
  • Small outlines

The TEAM products include EtherCAT slaves for sensor signal processing and drive control. These products are characterised by their outstanding system performance, quick setup process and ease of use. All TEAM devices are based on the following characteristics: 

  • Tested cyclic process data transmission with cycle times of ≥ 100µs
  • Robust metal housing for optimum shielding of the electronics 
  • 24VDC power supply


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