PSD Parker Servo Drive

The PSD1 is the Parker Servo Drive family, available with different power rating from 2 to 30A and form factors.

Today the offering contains:

The PSD1-S is a standalone drive which can be connected directly to the main supply. The PSD1-M is a multi-axis servo system where each axis module can supply up to three servo motors. The base configuration consists of a common DC bus supply and multiples PSD1-M modules, connected through DC bus bars. The modules are available as one, two or three axis versions. This makes the system highly flexible.

PSD1-M servo system is particularly suitable for all centralised automation systems, such as those found in many packaging machines, where large numbers of drives are often required offering significant advantages.

  • Packaging machines
  • Material forming machines
  • Handling machines
  • General automation

Common Features

  • Hiperface DSL feedback ® Reduced cabling; only one cable connection between drive & motor
  • EtherCAT - Real time communication as standard
  • Quick and simple wiring
  • Removable SD card
  • Same software functionalities for standalone drive and multi-axis servo system

PSD1-S unique features

  • Single or three phases power supply
  • Compact housing
  • Particularly suitable for small machines

PSD1-M unique features

  • The most compact multi-axis servo system on the market
  • One, two or three axis versions combined in one housing
  • Common DC bus connection for energy exchange between drives


PSD Parker Servo Drive


Parker Hannifin

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