Inspector PI50 EtherCAT Vision Sensor

At a glance

  • High-speed positioning and inspection
  • Expanded toolbox for locating taught-in and free-form objects
  • Multiple, simultaneous inspection of blobs, patterns, edges and pixel counting
  • Easy device cloning via the web interface
  • Image calibration, including mm output
  • Configurable communication through real-time EtherCAT
  • HMI integration via web API
  • Simple, out-of-the-box web server

Your benefits

  • Powerful yet simple tools enable flexibility in various positioning and inspection applications
  • EtherNet communication and web API gives excellent control and freedom to customize user's HMI in integrated machine environments
  • EtherCAT connectivity provides microsecond level real time control, allowing ultra-precise timing control of in-motion inspection and positioning solutions
  • Web interface enables import/export of unlimited number of reference objects, increasing production flexibility
  • The built-in web server is an easy and cost-efficient way to monitor the production process
  • The image calibration ensures reliable inspection results on moving and rotated objects in tilted setups, or when using wide angle lenses
  • Result calibration gives easy-to-use mm data, simplifying alignment and gripping


Inspector PI50 EtherCAT Vision Sensor




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