EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP)

The EtherCAT Device Protocol is used for EtherCAT segments in most cases with high real-time requirements. The EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP) specifies communication services and protocols for Master devices and Ethernet-based devices connected with a standard Ethernet network. These networks are used for example to connect machine parts or separate machines within plant automation. The timing constraints are weaker but a cyclic communication in the range of milliseconds is required as well.

The services and protocols for the EAP are defined in this standard.

The EAP can be used for different use-cases:

  • Master-Master communication
  • Configuration Tool interface
  • Monitoring

You may not copy, distribute or “mirror” the file or printed version of the document, or any part of it, for any other purpose without permission in writing from the ETG (EtherCAT Technology Group).

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