MBM Modular bus module

The new MBM Modular bus module version is now available for connection to EtherCAT and EtherCAT P as well. The MBM supplies the protocol frame with the corresponding FSoE safety input and output bytes. All Multifunctional Gate Box 2 Modular (MGB2 Modular) safety door system functions are now also available for EtherCAT.

More than providing just safety door protection, the MGB2 Modular system lets you implement numerous additional functions thanks to its modular design with locking modules, extension modules and submodules.

The MBM bus module coordinates communication between the fieldbus system and the MGB2 modular system components, such as locking, interlocking or extension modules, which are connected to the MBM directly or via M12 standard cables for this purpose. The MGB2 modular connection technology can operate up to six modules on one MBM bus module, for example.

Comprehensive diagnostic information in the form of EtherCAT messages and the integrated web server provide a fast and detailed overview of the device status. Straightforward parameter assignment means that even system replacement during servicing is a simple task requiring only a few minutes to complete.




MBM Modular bus module




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