is the open real-time Ethernet network originally developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.
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EtherCAT Technology Group

The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
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ETG hosts second EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week

May 2021 | After the first EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) at the beginning of the year met with a great response, especially in Europe, the second edition of the event was also very well received. More...

ETG at ProMatDX Virtual Trade Show

Mar 2021 | The ETG invites you to visit our virtual booth during ProMatDX. Held from April 12-16, 2021, this virtual trade show will offer valuable opportunities to connect with technology experts to learn how you can capitalize on industrial advances during this time of unprecedented e-commerce expansion. More...

EtherCAT Technology Group celebrates successful defense of America's Cup with Emirates Team New Zealand

Mar 2021 | In an exciting finale off Auckland, New Zealand, ETG member Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) claimed its 7th victory over challenger Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, successfully defending the world's oldest sporting trophy, the America’s Cup. More...

ETG booth @ SIMM 2021

Mar 2021 | From March 30 to April 2, 2021, the ETG will attend the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition (SIMM) in China. In addition to a variety of EtherCAT products and solutions from member companies, the ETG booth will also showcase the latest EtherCAT technology extensions. More...

ETG hosts first EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week

Feb 2021 | Recently the first EtherCAT Interoperability Testing Week of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) took place. The goal of the week-long digital event was to provide EtherCAT device developers with an online opportunity to improve the interoperability of their products as well as to gain practical EtherCAT development know-how. In addition, the event provided a platform for the device manufacturers to exchange knowledge. More...

EtherCAT Technology Group welcomes Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC as member number 6,000

Nov 2020 | The latest membership milestone in the growth of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) shows that EtherCAT technology is successfully defying the current global crisis: The American sensor manufacturer Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC recently became member number 6,000 of the world's largest fieldbus user organization. More...

EtherCAT Compendium: first chapters online

Sep 2020 | The EtherCAT Compendium provides a comprehensive, coherent description of EtherCAT with its technical details, system, implementation, and user aspects. It supplements the formal specifications with easily readable, applicable and application-specific know-how. The compendium is work in progress, first chapters are now online. More...

SPS Italia Digital Days: ETG Contact Place

Sep 2020 | In September SPS Italia meets the automation community in a new digital dimension. Meet us at the ETG Contact Place there. More...

Crisis is time for innovation, gain market share with EtherCAT!

Jul 2020 | Martin Rostan does not believe in reinterpreting the crisis into advantages: motivational slogans alone do not help. But the additional time now available should be used well. During the Hannover Messe Digital Days 2020 the ETG Executive Director explained how. More...

ETG with new multimedia content

Mar 2020 | The ETG is now offering further multimedia content to all interested parties and will be filling its website and YouTube channel with a total of eight new technology videos over the next few weeks, which briefly explain the various advantageous features of EtherCAT technology. More...

Latest Product Entries

AX-308E by Delta

Jun 2021 | Delta, Industrial Automation, has introduced the AX-308E as the first of its compact, mid-range CODESYS AX-3 Series PLC motion controllers.

AVENTICS™ Series BDC Field bus modules

Jun 2021 | The BDC Series product line is a cost optimized direct fieldbus connection when additional I/O is not needed.

AVENTICS™ Series AES Field bus modules

Jun 2021 | The AVENTICS Series AES fieldbus connection can be integrated into all AVENTICS fieldbus-compatible valve systems or can also be configured as a stand-alone solution.

AVENTICS™ Series 580 Pneumatic Communications Node

Jun 2021 | The 580 Series product line offers a compact package, supporting up to 128 AVENTICS 500 Series solenoid valves per valve system.

BL Decentral (BL41/48-M/D) by Metronix

May 2021 | The smartServo BL 4000-M or BL4000-D series are smart AC servo drives for controlling three-phase synchronous motors, torque motors and linear motors. They can be mounted on the motor or near to the motor without control cabinet.

BL41/43-C by Metronix

May 2021 | The smartServo BL 4000-C series are smart AC servo drives for controlling three-phase synchronous motors, torque motors and linear motors and can be combined with a wide range of encoder systems and motors.


May 2021 | TAP CURIOUS – the perfect tool for monitoring, analysing and fault fixing in EtherCAT and other Real-Time Ethernet networks.


May 2021 | The modular gateways enable different networks to be interconnected without much effort, e.g. an EtherCAT network with another common fieldbus network.

AiC-EC by Autonics

Apr 2021 | The AiC-EC series Ai-SERVO closed-loop stepper motors with EtherCAT support offers high compatibility between primary and secondary devices with EtherCAT open protocol. The motor system can control motion of multiple axes simultaneously with 100 Mbps communication speed.


Mar 2021 | Compact RFID interface and I/O module for the operation of HF and UHF read/write heads as well as for connecting sensors, lights and actuators via universal I/Os. EtherCAT slave with protection type IP67 and IP69K.

Temperature Control Equipment (Thermo Chiller) by SMC

Mar 2021 | SMC's Temperature Control Equipment (Thermo Chiller High Performance Series) uses EtherCAT gateway to support temperature control in equipment and machines in a wide range of industries.

netRAPID 90 - Ready-to-solder netX 90 Design – fully tested and preloaded

Mar 2021 | netRAPID 90 is the rapid and secure alternative to developing your own slave interface. As netX90 Chip-Carrier, it is soldered to the baseboard like a standard QFP part in the SMD production process.

PCH Network Portal by Parker Hannifin

Mar 2021 | The PCH Network Portal offers decentralized Inputs/Outputs and IO-Link master ports optimizing machine architecture and configurability while connecting to all sizes of H Series ISO valves.

RaspBerry PI EtherCAT Extension by port

Mar 2021 | Integrting Raspberry PI into networks such as EtherCAT (and other) ‐ no problem with the Raspberry PI expansion board from port. EtherCAT available on board.

SoM (Stack/System on Module) – embedded EtherCAT hardware by port

Mar 2021 | System on Module from Port – your easy IoT-Solution. The SoM (System on Module) offered a lot of functionalities in combination with real time communication possibilities.


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