is the open real-time Ethernet network originally developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.
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The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
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Join our EtherCAT Roadshow 2016 in Brasil!

Oct 2016 | We cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet, Industrie 4.0, and especially EtherCAT, to participate at our EtherCAT Roadshow 2016, taking place from Oct 25 - 27 in Brasil. More...

EtherCAT Roadshow in Taiwan: Get informed!

Sep 2016 | Together with ETG Office China, Beckhoff and local contact Jidien, ETG offers a half-day free-of-charge EtherCAT seminar in Taiwan on October 13 (Taipei) and October 14 (Taichung). More...

EtherCAT Roadshow in China continues

Sep 2016 | The EtherCAT Roadshow China 2016 continues with Industrial Ethernet / EtherCAT seminars on September 20 (Guangzhou) and October 26 (Beijing). More...

EtherCAT Roadshow 2016 in South Africa – You’re invited!

Sep 2016 | Together with our media partner Technews Publishing (Pty) Ltd. we cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet and especially EtherCAT to participate in our EtherCAT Roadshow 2016, taking place from Sep 30 - Oct 07, 2016, at exclusive venues in South Africa. More...

Join our EtherCAT Technology Days 2016 in France!

Aug 2016 | We cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet, Industrie 4.0, and especially EtherCAT, to participate at our EtherCAT Technology Days in France, taking place at Lyon (Sep 20) and Paris (Sep 21). More...

Success of EtherCAT in China continues

Jul 2016 | The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) reaches another milestone, breaking the 500 member level in China. More...

EtherCAT Plug Fest fully booked again

Jun 2016 | Recently, the 21st EtherCAT Plug Fest from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) took place, hosted by ETG member company Infineon Technologies AG. The company welcomed the Plug Fest participants to their facilities in Neubiberg, near Munich, Germany. More...

10th Meeting of ETG Semiconductor TWG

Jun 2016 | Recently, the Semiconductor Technical Working Group of the ETG met for the 10th time. Strong participation in the working group yields significant results for the semiconductor industry. More...

EtherCAT Roadshow in China

May 2016 | In order to provide comprehensive information for the Chinese automation industry, the ETG will hold further Industrial Ethernet / EtherCAT seminars on May 26th (Shenyang) and May 27th (Harbin). More...

EtherCAT Roadshow in Australia & New Zealand

May 2016 | Again, we are inviting everybody interested to the free of charge Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series, taking place at selected premium venues in Australia and New Zealand from May 31 to June 8, 2016. More...

Latest Product Entries


Oct 2016 | The brand new SLIO CPU 015N from VIPA with integrated EtherCAT Master system is an unbeatable product in the S7 world.

Connect-it! Ethernet R-IN Solution Kit

Oct 2016 | The R-IN solution kit from Renesas is an all-in-the-box package for fast evaluation and rapid prototyping of multiple industrial Ethernet protocols including EtherCAT.

Motion Control Kit for RZ/T1

Oct 2016 | The RZ/T1 MOTION CONTROL SOLUTION KIT from Renesas is a complete hardware and software solution for the Renesas RZ/T1 MPU.

Connect-it! Ethernet EC-1 Solution Kit

Oct 2016 | Shorten EtherCAT Interface Development time with the EC-1 Remote I/O Solution Kit from Renesas.

EtherCAT LSI (EC-1)

Oct 2016 | EC-1 from Renesas is a dedicated device with a built-in EtherCAT Slave Controller. This is an optimal solution to design high performance EtherCAT protocol in Industrial automation and manufacturing.

maXYmos TL

Oct 2016 | The maXYmos TL (Top Level) from Kistler captures, analyzes and evaluates XY curves of two measurands that have to stand in a precisely defined relationship to each other.

GX-Series IO-Link Master (IP67)

Oct 2016 | IO-Link makes communication down to the sensor level visible, with the GX-Series IO-Link Master from Omron.

NX-Series IO-Link Master (IP20)

Oct 2016 | The NX-Series from Omron in IP20 provides an IO-Link Master unit within an EtherCAT slave terminal.

NY-Series IPC Machine Controller

Oct 2016 | Hybrid controller from OMRON which combines Sysmac machine control and IT technology.

NX1 Machine Controller

Oct 2016 | The NX1 from OMRON completes the NX/NJ machine controllers family offering same functionality in a compact design.

1S Series Servo System

Oct 2016 | 1S series from OMRON provides a unique manufacturing environment which realizes the high speed and high accurate control and achieves from design to installation with "one software" in combination with NX/NJ series and Sysmac Studio.

TLB4 ETHERCAT Multi-Channel Weight Transmitter

Oct 2016 | As a result of the constant work of the R&D, new TLB4 ETHERCAT weight Transmitter from Laumas represents an innovation of a product at the forefront as the TLB ETHERCAT, introducing some important new features.

LZ200 EtherCAT Master

Oct 2016 | LZ200 is a high performance EtherCAT master for demanding OEM applications like high-speed I/O, motion and robotics. The board features Xilinx ZYNQ® SoC with dual-core ARM A9 processors plus FPGA fabric. It is offered with KPA EtherCAT master and KPA EtherCAT Studio tool.

PC-based fine motion (RTMC64-EC)

Oct 2016 | TECHNO CO., LTD. offers 30 years of techno-art most high-performance, state-of-the-art dedicated FAPC motion control software.

PC-based motion library (RTPL-EC)

Oct 2016 | TECHNO CO., LTD. offers a PC-based motion library (to control up to 64 axis) in C language, which is part of the fine motion software.


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