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EtherCAT Technology Days Netherlands 2020

02/2020 | ETG is offering two exclusive and free-of-charge EtherCAT Technology Days in the Netherlands at the following dates and cities: Tuesday, March 17 (Eindhoven) and Wednesday, March 18 (Enschede).

Acquire knowledge about the latest technology enhancements, like the brand-new EtherCAT G, which offers you next-level performance. Educate yourself about EtherCAT, especially in the context of digital transformation covering hot topics like TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking), OPC-UA, IoT and Industrie 4.0. Expert’s presentations from EtherCAT Technology Group, application presentations from local EtherCAT users (watch out for Hardt Hyperloop), the accompanied table-top exhibition and time for personal discussions on-site with the speakers at speed-dates provide you with a complete overview on benefits of EtherCAT for you and your application.

Thanks to acontis technologies, Beckhoff Automation, Elecgator, Festo and IntervalZero, the participation is free of charge.

Please register online today, as the number of seats is limited.

For more details, please follow the links below:
Invitation Flyer   Seminar Website   Online Registration