1. Power supply & Capacity

  • Input Power : AC 220[V]~230[V]
  • Capacity : 100[W]~3.5[kW]
  • Rated Current : 1.4[A]~16.7[A]
  • Encoder : Incremental, Biss-B,Biss-C(Absolute, Incremental)
  • Communication Type : EoE,CoE,FoE/USB2.0(HID)
  • Control Mode : Velocity, Position, Torque

2. Real-time control through EtherCAT

  • High speed, Real-time capability and Synchronization mechanism
  • Improved EtherCAT communication speed(min. 250us, DC support)
  • Supporting CoE, EoE and FoE
  • Improved Speed Response(=1.6Khz) Frequency

3. Support various motors and Encoder drives

  • Supporting Rotary, Direct Drive Motor and 3rd party motor
  • Quadrature, BiSS-C, Tamagawa serial absolute, EnDat 2.2

4. Enhanced Control Performance

  • Improved Control bandwidth
  • Providing 4-step Notch-Filter
  • Vibration control by Real-time FFT
  • Real-time gain tuning function

5. Others

  • L7NH : Digital input contacts: 8, output contacts: 4 / Analog input contacts: 1 and output contacts: 2
  • Flexible assignment of input/output signals by parameters and contact setting based on the input/output contact type
  • Using the rotary switch to configure the drive node address conveniently
  • Various homing functions
  • Supporting the USB OTG function to allow firmware download with a USB memory
  • Built-in regenerative braking resistance in the drive
  • Dedicated PC program




LSIS (LS Industrial Systems)

LSIS Co., Ltd.

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