CODESYS is one of the most common IEC 61131-3 programming systems for PLCs and industrial controllers. Far more than 300 manufacturers of hardware components for the automation industry rely on it.

CODESYS V3 supports EtherCAT as a portable IEC 61131-3 library, thus making EtherCAT masters available for the wide range of CODESYS partners and users.

  • Integrated Configurator
    • Interactive Scan/Diagnosis
    • Direct Variable Declaration
    • Comprehensive support of EtherCAT functions, such as Distributed Clocks, different bus topologies, hot-connect, network scan, EtherCAT redundancy
    • Diagnostics functionality in the Development System and possibility to monitor the process through the IEC 61131-3 application
    • Optional support of EtherCAT gateway modules
  • Master implementation in IEC-ST
    • Synchronization with IEC 61131-3 user task
    • Mapping of EtherCAT and IEC process Image
    • Supported layer 7 protocols:
      • CoE (CANopen / CAN application layer over EtherCAT) / SDO Communication
      • EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT)
      • SoE (Servodrive over EtherCAT)
      • FSoE (Safety over EtherCAT or Fail Safe over EtherCAT)
      • FoE (File over EtherCAT)
      • VoE (Vendor over EtherCAT)




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