PHOX series is the first DC drive which supports indexing mode, EtherCAT communication, and pulse train control. Moreover, it has powerful functionalities.

1. Power input & output

  • 20V~80V main power and aux. power input
  • 3A / 6A rated current

2. Size and Weight

  • 140mm x 30mm x 97mm
  • 410g

3. All-in-one DC Drive Solution

  • Rotary, Linear, DD motor and 3rd party motor support
  • Conventional interface (pulse train, analog, indexing) + Fieldbus (EtherCAT)
  • Simple motion contol library support

4. Motors and Encoder feedbacks

  • Rotary, Linear, DD motors, 3rd party motor support
  • Quadrature (max. 10Mpps after x4), BiSS, EnDat2.2, Tamagawa Serial, SSI, Sinusoidal, Resolver (Optional)
  • Dual Encoder Feedback support (full-closed control)

5. Others

  • Adjustable switching frequency (16/32/48kHz selectable)
  • Adaptive filter / Automatic gain tuning / Automatic motor phase and hall correction
  • Safe Torque Off (2 STO inputs, easy bypass wiring)
  • Built-in holding brake control witch
  • OTG support for firmware download and parameter backup/copy
  • EtherCAT (Min. 250us cycle time, CoE, EoE, FoE)




LSIS (LS Industrial Systems)

LSIS Co., Ltd.