XGB is the micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost. With its high performance and functionality, it can support from simple control to complex task. Strengthening its communication functions, XGB offers user-oriented integrated control.

1. EtherCAT Positioning Module (XBF-PN8B)

  • High speed backplane transmission through USB host function
  • Standard EtherCAT protocol, CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT)
  • 1ms communication cycle
  • Max. 8 axes servo driver control
  • 2~8 axes liner interpolation, 2 axes circular interpolation, 3 axes helical interpolation, 8 types of CAM data to control CAM

2. CPU processing speed

  • 4 times faster CPU speed (60ns/Step) than XGB-E (240ns/Step)

3. Program Capacity

  • 8 times larger memory capacity(32KStep) than XGU-E(4KStep)

4. Dual Port Ethernet

  • 2 ports unmanaged Ethernet switch support

5. Positioning

  • 4 axes built-in Positioning line drive pulse output (XEC/XBC-DN32UP)

6. Web Server

  • Monitoring of PLC information and data through web browser

7. Data Log

  • Easy parameter set up for [Gerneral save], [Trigger save], [Event save] without instruction

8. Expansion

  • Max. 10 expansion modules

9. Analog Input/Output

  • Built-in analog function (XEC/XBC-DN32UA)




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