XIP Series is an integrated servo system which supports EtherCAT communication. (Drive + Motor + Encoder) It is optimized to provide more compact size and less wiring solution with powerful performance.

1. Power Supply & Capacity

  • 48VDC (50W~300W)

2. Enhanced efficiency integrated servo system

  • Cost effective from installation by integrated system of motor, encoder and drive
  • Maximization for useful space when installed at limited and small space
  • High effectiveness for application of multi axis by less limitation for space of installation

3. Real-time control through EtherCAT

  • High speed, Real-time capability and Synchronization mechanism
  • Improved EtherCAT communication speed
  • Supporting CoE, EoE and FoE

4. Others

  • PC program for shortened equipment tuning time and debugging
  • Monitoring for speed, torque, current feedback, position values and positional error values and alarm occurrence time
  • Digital input contacts: 4, output contacts: 2 / Analog input contacts: 1 and output contacts: 1
  • Flexible assignment of input/output signals by parameters and contact setting based on the input/output contact type
  • Supporting the USB OTG function to allow firmware download with a USB memory




LSIS (LS Industrial Systems)

LSIS Co., Ltd.

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