Spring Date: May 5th and 6th, 2015
Fall Date: Nov 10th and 11th, 2015


Contents of the Workshop (subject to change)

First Day

  • EtherCAT Basics
  • Slave Structure
  • Physical Layer
  • Device Model
  • Data Link Layer
    • Frame Structure
    • Addressing, Commands
    • Memory, SyncManager, FMMUs
    • Diagnosis
  • Application Layer
    • State Machine
    • Mailbox (Mailbox Protocols)
  • Slave Information Interface (EEPROM)
  • Device Profiles
  • Distributed Clocks
  • EtherCAT Slave Information File (Device Description)
  • Tools (Configuration Tool, Monitor, ...)
  • EtherCAT Master
  • Standard & References

Second Day

  • Hardware Design
    • EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC)
    • Process Data Interface (PDI)
  • EtherCAT Master (TwinCAT incl. Real-time driver for EtherCAT)
  • EtherCAT Slave (Digital I/O device)
    • Configuration and Testing with Slave Evaluation Kit
  • EtherCAT Slave Stack Code (SSC)
    • Structure
    • Protocol Handling
    • Compilation and Debugging
  • Network Monitoring
    • Communication and Protocol Analysis
  • EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) file


Embassy Suites Milpitas - Silicon Valley
901 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, California, United States 95035
Embassy Suites Milpitas Website


Organizer: The workshop is offered by Beckhoff Automation, LLC.

Prerequisites: Requires ETG membership and the Beckhoff EL98xx slave development kit. If ordering EL9820 kit for class, order must be placed by April 14th (for spring date) and Oct 16th (for fall date). Registration deadline for customer who have already completed and confirmed prerequisites is April 28th (for spring date) and Nov 3th (for fall date).

Cost: $1200 per student seat, not including EL9820 evaluation kit.

Travel and lodging to be arranged by student. Lunch will be provided on both days.

Registration is closed

Please contact Michele Beers () at Beckhoff Automation, LLC directly for any questions about the workshop.