EtherCAT Plug Fests


Developer Meeting for EtherCAT Master and Slave devices

The Plug Fests have established themselves as pragmatic and effective means to achieve interoperable EtherCAT products. The general boot-up, process data and mailbox communication will be tested as well as device behaviour with enhanced functionality, like support of Modular Device Profile and CiA402 servo drive profile. The current EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool and EtherCAT analyser tools will be used to check device behaviour and interoperability.

The goal of this developer’s event is to perform interoperability tests. Master and slave device suppliers gather to test and improve interoperability, to share implementation tips and tricks and clarify questions regarding the technology. Experts of the technology will support with their know-how on-site.

ETG organizes EtherCAT Plug Fests all over the world in Europe, Asia and North America.

Please visit the event section for EtherCAT Plug Fest dates and locations.