TMS320F2838x 32-bit real-time controller series

The F2838x real-time control subsystem is based on TI's 32-bit C28x DSP core, which provides 200 MHz of signal processing performance in each core for floating- or fixed-point code running from either on-chip flash or SRAM. The C28x CPU is further boosted by the Trigonometric Math Unit (TMU) and VCRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) extended instruction sets, speeding up common algorithms key to real-time control systems. Extended instruction sets enable IEEE double-precision 64-bit floating-point math. Finally, the Control Law Accelerator (CLA) enables an additional 200 MHz per core of independent processing ability.

This device also contains an independent Connectivity Manager (CM), based on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor, that runs at 125 MHz. With its own dedicated flash and SRAM, the CM allows fully independent control of the interfaces coming in and out of the F2838x, allowing maximum bandwidth for the C28x DSPs to focus on real-time control.

High-performance analog blocks are tightly integrated with the processing and control units to provide optimal real-time signal chain performance. Thirty-two frequency-independent PWMs enable control of multiple power stages, from a 3-phase inverter to advanced multi-level power topologies. The inclusion of the Configurable Logic Block (CLB) allows the user to add custom logic and potentially integrate FPGA-like functions into the C2000 real-time MCU. For the first time on a C2000 real-time MCU, there is an EtherCAT Slave Controller, along with other industrystandard protocols like CAN-FD and USB 2.0. The Fast Serial Interface (FSI) enables up to 200 Mbps of robust communications across an isolation boundary.


TMS320F2838x 32-bit real-time controller series


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