AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT Gateway, Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), with Safe Link (BWU3418)

Safe drive control with the AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT Gateway, Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), from Bihl+Wiedemann

Safe motion control is playing an increasingly important role in modern plant and process automation. This is due in part to the stricter safety requirements of the EN ISO 14119, the binding standard for interlocking devices introduced in May 2015, and in part to the increasing time and cost pressures in production plants. Thus, hardly anyone can or wants to afford to completely shut down a machine for maintenance purposes. Safe motion control provides a way out: on one hand, it permits manual intervention while the system is running in order to optimize production processes by minimizing downtime. On the other hand, it ensures the greatest possible protection of man and machine.

With the AS-i 3.0 EtherCAT Gateway, Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE), with Safe Link (BWU3418) Bihl+Wiedemann responds to this trend and offers a solution that enables FSoE drives to be safely controlled and monitored directly and without an additional safety PLC. The AS-i FSoE Gateway acts as a safety master in the Safety over EtherCAT network and is able to take over all safety-relevant functions therein. The usual PLC can still be used for standard control of the drives. That is why the new FSoE Gateway from the safety experts located in Mannheim is an option especially for drive manufacturers who favor Safety over EtherCAT but who lack their own safe controller for it. The device combines two AS-i Masters for two AS-i networks and so offers up to 62 two-channel safe inputs, with three additional ones already integrated. With its six fast electronic safe outputs the Gateway has no problem keeping up with the pace set by modern drive technology. And using Safe Link, the safe coupling from Bihl+Wiedemann, the Gateway can be expanded to nearly 2000 safe in- and outputs at no extra cost.