As a pioneer in PC-based motion control in Japan, HIVERTEC has been achieved motion control by pulse train on the EtherCAT network, that is our speciality.

HES-M400 series is a result of our speciality and its endeavour. HES-M400 series supports control by pulse train output as well as a two-phase stepping motor driver. The detailed settings as the communication parameters of EtherCAT and the resolution corresponding to the 5-phase motor, are available. Freely scalable expansion of the axis can be achieved by a flexible settings and high-speed communication specification.

Integrated controller and driver can also reduce the wiring and the cost of cable connection, so more freedom device configuration can be achieved..

Basic Specification

  • Position Control: command pulse train signal output (Output element: Diff. driver)
  • Position Control Command Range: -134,217,728 ~ +134,217,727 [pulse]
  • Relative Coordinate Command
  • Simultaneous Start/Simultaneous Stop
  • Speed Override
  • Position Override: available only for positioning operation
  • Speed Range: 0.1pps to 6.5Mpps (multiple 0.1 to 100)
  • Positioning: 4 axes individually positioning/2 to 4 axes simultaneously linear interpolation/2 axes simultaneously circular interpolation
  • Free acceleration/deceleration system:
    • (1) When positioning and linear interpolation, these functions are available: S-curve acceleration/deceleration, partial S-curve pattern acceleration/deceleration, linear acceleration/deceleration. When automatic acceleration/deceleration, asymmetrical ramp can be used.
    • (2) When circular interpolation, automatic acceleration/deceleration is available.
  • Available Motor:
    • Bipolar winding main line 4 0.5 to 2.0[A/phase]
    • Unipolar winding main line 6 and 8
  • Verified Motor: 5 domestic companies and 2 foreign companies
  • Micro-step (16 steps up to 250 division: resolution 1.8°to 0.0072°)

Extended version (additional axis)

HES-M410, HES-M411, HES-M420, HES-M421, HES-M430, HES-M431, HES-M440