EtherCAT Multi-Axis Stepper/Servo Control Module

SA1400 is a universal multi-axis stepper/servo control module that provides both pulse/direction output and encoder feedback. With its built-in motion functionality (P2P motion, Homing, Touch Probe) and application specific toolbox, engineers can easily realize their design target, from small AGV platform to large-scale pipeline system automation. As an ETG officially certificated product, SA1400 has perfect compatibility with different EtherCAT master controllers.

  • Control Signals
  • Pulse / Direction output
  • Up to 6M pulse/second
  • Feedback Signals
  • ABZ incremental encoder
  • Up to 12M pulse/second
  • Supported Modes of Operations
  • Profile position (with velocity profile)
  • Cyclic synchronous motion
  • Homing
  • General Purpose I/O
  • Positive/Negative limit switch
  • Home switch
  • DC
  • Supported, with jitter less than 1uS
  • Control cycle less than 1mS

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