MultiControl AI / BI

The MultiControl is a multi-protocol capable control for the RollerDrive EC5000, key elements of the modular conveyor platform (MCP) as well as Pallet Drive (via PalletControl). It offers a solution for carton, container and pallet conveying and therefore enormous flexibility in warehousing as well as in the planning and installation of conveyor systems. Power is supplied via standard ASi flat belt cables, which are connected using simple piercing technology. Two separate circuits allow the RollerDrive to be switched off safely while bus communication remains active.

The MultiControl can control four conveyor zones. Four RollerDrives and four sensors can be connected. The use of Y-cables enables the connection of additional four inputs or outputs, which can be configured individually.

Addressing and naming is done via PLC software, a web user interface or with the Interroll Teach-In method. With the teach-in method, automatic addressing and configuration of all MultiControls is possible, and the sequence of all MultiControls in the conveyor line can also be defined. This saves time during commissioning on site.

For the connection of EC5000 BI with bus interface ( CANopen ) the MultiControl BI offers a gateway function. These RollerDrives offer a range of functions such as preventive maintenance, reading out diagnostic data or precise positioning.




MultiControl AI / BI



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