The MultiControl is a four-zone control. This means that up to four RollerDrive EC5000 and four zone sensors can be connected. The use of Y-lines enables connecting four additional inputs or outputs. The connections can be configured individually. MultiControl is multi-protocol-capable. With help of the MultiControl, sensors and RollerDrive are directly integrated into the field bus level. An additional sensor/actuator level and, as a result, additional communication lines or a gateway become redundant. A standard flat cable is used for power supply. They can simply be cut to the desired length and can be connected very quickly using the penetration technology of MultiControl. The separate voltage supply allows a safe switch-off of the RollerDrive while the bus communication and sensors can continue to be used. Addressing and naming is done over PLC software, a web user interface, or with the Interroll teach-In method. With the Teach-In method, automatic addressing and configuration of all MultiControl is possible.In addition, the sequence of all MultiControls in the conveyor line can be determined. This saves time during the commissioning on site.







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