Motion and IO Master Development Services

Agile Planet offers software development and consulting services for EtherCAT master development with specialization in motion control on windows and real-time operating systems. Our areas of expertise are:

High Level Software

  • High performance motion control
  • Robot control
  • User interface and integration of EtherCAT devices into major PLC platforms such as Rockwell and Siemens
  • Complex control algorithm development and its real-time integration with EtherCAT slaves
  • High performance motion control
  • Robot control

Operating Systems, Languages, and Processor Architecture

  • Windows and Windows Embedded
  • Windows CE
  • Linux
  • C/C++
  • X86 and ARM

In addition to the development services, Agile Planet’s deep domain expertise with motion and robot control allows us to help our customers with:

  • Requirements and feasibility, proof of concept
  • Design of the system, including hardware selection
  • Testing and optimization for real-time efficiency
  • Product packaging and documentation development

Reference: Agile Planet is the developer of the software for the MLX 100 EtherCAT robot controller offered by Yaskawa Motoman:



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