EtherCAT Gateway WI180C-EC

The WI180C fieldbus Gateways from SICK are extremely versatile. They enable a consistent and fast communication from sensor device level to the PLC level. The Gateways act as a fieldbus participant within the EtherCAT network.

At a glance:

  • EtherCAT Gateway for fiber-optic sensors (WLL180, KTL180) and displacement measurement sensors (OL1, OD Mini Pro, OD5000 in combination with evaluation unit AOD1)
  • Full read and write functionality for all process data and service data of the connected sensors
  • Up to 16 sensors can be connected to the Gateway via the integrated internal bus-system. The collected sensor data is then transferred from the Gateway to the EtherCAT network via M12 connector.

Your benefits:

  • Quick and efficient remote parametrization and teach-in via EtherCAT Connection
  • Extended machine functionality: Permanent transfer of process data enables monitoring the machine status and diagnosis functions
  • Reduced wiring effort: Transfer of sensor data via one fieldbus wire
  • Integrated fieldbus solutions help to significantly reduce investment costs, cost of operation and cost of maintenance and to improve plant availability and productivity




EtherCAT Gateway WI180C-EC




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