Developerkit UNIGATE IC-AB

The Developer Board was developed so that the fast implementation of the Deutschmann All-in-one bus node UNIGATE® IC into your electronic system can be guaranteed. The board is suitable for all Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet Buses supported by Deutschmann Automation.

The required UNIGATE® IC or ICs are ordered separately. The required voltage (5V or 3.3V, depending on the version) can be adjusted. An RS232-interface or a USB-connection is available for the connection to the PC (DEBUG-interface). In case of the USB-connection the board is already supplied with voltage through it.

The application can be connected either through the USB, RS232, RS485 or the RS422. The bus connections according to standard or market standard are available to test the prevailing bus-side. Optionally Deutschmann Add-on packages (Bus-master simulation) are available. The board contains 32 bit input and 16 bit output, provided with one LED each. Different connectors allow an easy coupling to your processor. A hole matrix field with the most important signals (voltage, IOs) allows a customized hardware extension (e. g. to connect a D/A converter).


Developerkit UNIGATE IC-AB


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