EtherCAT Master Stack

EtherCAT® Master Stack (for embedded real-time OS)

  • Configuration and management of EtherCAT networks with enhanced error detection and diagnostic.
  • Cyclic exchange of process data. The cycle can be defined by the EtherCAT master or the application.
  • Mailbox based communication with:
    • CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) with support for Service Data Object (SDO) upload/download, SDO information services and
      CoE emergency messages.
    • Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE)
    • File over EtherCAT (FoE)
  • Sophisticated API common to all implementations as interface between the application and the EtherCAT master stack.
  • The master can either be configured with standardized XML based EtherCAT network information (ENI) files (OS independent XLM parser included) or via the API if the OS doesn't support a file system. ENI configuration files may reside in ZIP/GZ archives.
  • Allows application defined asynchronous communication in parallel to the cyclic data exchange (e.g. read an EtherCAT slave EEPROM).
  • Built-in detailed diagnostic and profiling functions.
  • Support for cable redundancy with 2nd Network Interface Controller (NIC) to handle single fault malfunctions (cable break, damaged plug, EMI, slave breakdown) without communication interruption or data loss.
  • Support for Distributed Clock (DC) based slave synchronization with initial calculation of delay compensation parameter.
  • Support for multi master mode to address independent slave segments via several physical NICs or via a VLAN tag enabled Ethernet switch with a single NIC.
  • Support to handle binary EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) EEPROM data.
  • The well defined OS layer and interface to the NIC facilitates a simple adaption to platforms not yet supported.
  • Comes with a comprehensive manual and example application in source code.
  • Applications: Easy and fast integration of EtherCAT Master support into industrial control and automation systems, testbed systems or production control.


EtherCAT Master Stack


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