EtherCAT Starterkit

EtherCAT® ready to use Package

  • Full Version of EtherCAT Workbench, the esd EtherCAT configuration, diagnostic and monitoring tool for Windows
  • Demo Version of esd EtherCAT Master Stack
  • Digital I/O module ECX-DIO8 as EtherCAT Slave
  • Documentation, ESI files and examples on CD

Easy Start-up of using EtherCAT

  • Quick and easy to set up and to put into operation
  • Optimal combination of hardware and software components
  • All necessary components are contained in delivery

Cheap entry into EtherCAT Technology for Beginners

  • The complete package is designed for gaining knowledge and experience with EtherCAT in an application for digital I/O's.
  • After all components are connected and the software is installed on the PC, you can start with the EtherCAT Workbench for first steps in EtherCAT Fieldbus Technology.
  • Really simple!


EtherCAT Starterkit


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