KPA EtherCAT PC104 Board

KPA EtherCAT PC104 board (EtherCAT slave stack with PC104 interface) integrates a PC 104 system into an EtherCAT network.


  • ET1100 ASIC, no CPU for closer synchronization 
  • Polling and IRQ-handling 
  • 8 kByte PDO/SDO, 8 FMMUs, 8 Sync Managers (SM)
  • DMA - support
  • Transfer rate of 2 MByte/s using DMA and IRQ
  • Software-configurable I/O address
  • Two address switches for position independent addressing

Slave Stack

  • Support of multiple boards within one system
  • Operating System (OS): INtime, Linux, QNX, RTX, xPC Target, VxWorks
  • Several mailbox protocols as CoE, EoE, FoE, SoE, VoE 
  • Distributed Clocks (DC)
  • Different scan rates


  • Intelligent slave controller
  • Master and slave within one PC104 system (vertical integration)

Delivery package

  • PC104 board with compiled KPA EtherCAT Slave stack
  • Documentation and sample applications
  • One year technical support and assistance in conformance testing included


KPA EtherCAT PC104 Board



koenig-pa GmbH

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