EtherCAT Master Sample Code Workshop

Dates and Venues 2020

  • Thu, March 11, Nuremberg, Alemania
  • Thu, September 17, Nuremberg, Alemania

Contents of the workshop

(subject to modifications)

  • Brief introduction to the network communication with Windows, e.g. NDIS, Miniport etc.
  • Brief introduction to the TwinCAT System Manager
  • Specification of the EtherCAT Network Information File (ENI)
  • Installation and compilation of the Master Sample Code (MSC)
  • Configuration of the Master Sample Code
  • Network Monitor
  • Sending EtherCAT Init Commands
  • Sending cyclic data (process data)
  • Functionality of mailbox protocols
    • CAN application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE)
    • Ethernet over EtherCAT (EoE)


The workshop is aimed at developers of EtherCAT masters using the EtherCAT Master Sample Code (ET9200) from Beckhoff Automation. In addition to theoretical content they also include practical exercises. Basic EtherCAT knowledge is assumed. The workshop is led in German or English by developers and held in manageable groups so that individual interests can be addressed.


This workshop is offered by Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG.



For further information and registration please contact
Sandra Mimmler at Beckhoff directly.


Check availability at


Please note that the workshop is being held in English language, if non-german speaking people are registered.


Beckhoff Automation
GmbH & Co. KG
Ostendstraße 196
90482 Nuremberg, Alemania
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