AZ Series mini Driver

This is a palm-sized compact driver for stepper motors compatible with EtherCAT.
This driver can be installed in a narrow space due to a compact size of 69 x 56 x 30 mm (W x D x H) and lightweight of 110 g.
It is compatible with battery power sources of 24 VDC and 48 VDC.
It also supports the CiA402 drive profile.
The motor is equipped with a battery-free multi-rotation absolute sensor.
There are various advantages including no need of return-to-home operation and an external sensor.
In addition to basic information such as motor position, speed and load, temperature and travel amount can be monitored.
This information can be utilized for status monitoring and predictive maintenance of your equipment.

EtherCAT communication specifications

Device profile : IEC61800-7 CiA402 drive profile

Synchronization mode and Communication cycle:

  • DC mode (SYNC0 event synchronization) : 0.25ms,0.5ms,1ms,2ms,3ms,4ms,5ms,6ms,7ms,8ms
  • SM2 event synchronization mode : 1ms or more
  • Free Run mode : 1ms or more

The following operation modes are supported:

  • Profile position mode (PP)
  • Profile velocity mode (PV)
  • Homing mode (HM)
  • Cyclic synchronous position mode (CSP)
  • Cyclic synchronous velocity mode (CSV)


  • Main power supply : 24 VDC/48 VDC±5%, 0.4 to 3.7A
  • Control power supply : 24 VDC±5%, 0.15A (0.4A for motor with electromagnetic brake.)
  • Operating ambient temperature : 0 to +50℃ (+32 to +122℉)(non-freezing)




AZ Series mini Driver




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