EtherCAT Slave Evaluation Kit Workshop

The workshop is aimed at developers of EtherCAT slave devices. In addition to theoretical content it also includes practical exercises. Basic EtherCAT knowledge is assumed. The workshop is led by developers and held in manageable groups so that individual interests can be addressed.


Contents of the workshop (subject to modifications):

  • Hardware Design
    • EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC): ASIC ET1100 and EtherCAT IP Core
    • Process Data Interface (PDI)
  • EtherCAT Master (TwinCAT incl. Real-time driver for EtherCAT)  
  • EtherCAT Slave (Digital I/O device)
    • Configuration and Testing with Slave Evaluation Kit
  • EtherCAT Slave Stack Code (SSC)
    • Structure
    • Protocol Handling
    • Compilation and Debugging
  • Network Monitoring
    • Communication and Protocol Analysis
  • Conformance Test Tool
    • Handling and Analysis
  • EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) file

Training location: Nuremberg, Germany; Duration: 1 day
Ordering code: TR8100

For further information and registration please contact Sandra Mimmler at Beckhoff Automation (Germany) directly.


EtherCAT Slave Evaluation Kit Workshop


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