EtherCAT Device Vendor


How to develop an EtherCAT device?

First you may have a look at the EtherCAT Slave Implementation Guide (ETG.2200). Afterwards you are invited to become a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group (Membership Application). For developing a proper EtherCAT device it is mandatory to have a valid EtherCAT Vendor ID, assigned by ETG (Vendor ID Overview). The wordwide ETG Team helps you implementing EtherCAT to ensure a successful and optimized development process (ETG Offices). These services are free of charge for ETG members - just like the membership itself!

A valid subscription of the official EtherCAT Conformance Test Tool (CTT) is mandatory for all EtherCAT device vendors, as decided by the ETG membership assembly.

EtherCAT trainings and workshops (Event Section) provide a solid basis for developing an EtherCAT device. Development hard- and software, tools, trainings and services are provided by ETG members (Product Guide).

You have to ensure conformance by applying the actual version of the official Conformance Test Tool successfully at your R&D facilities, though (Conformance Guide). Furthermore all relevant specifications need to be taken into consideration.

The official EtherCAT Test Center (ETC) apply the official tests according to the test procedures (Conformance Test Record). If a device passes both the official conformance test and the interoperability test at the EtherCAT Test Center, ETG issues the Conformance Certificate. These devices may carry the official EtherCAT Conformance Tested Logo as well and they are marked accordingly in the EtherCAT Product Guide.

What are the benefits of an official Conformance Test?

The successful in-house test with the Conformance Test Tool (CTT) is mandatory for all EtherCAT device vendors according to the Conformance Test Policy and the ETG Vendor ID Agreement. However, that does not include official certification. To receive a certificate and the associated usage of the EtherCAT Conformance tested logo (for device marking and Marketing purposes), an official test at an EtherCAT Test Center must be performed. The EtherCAT Test Centers (ETC) do not only perform the official conformance test, but also provide implementation support for ETG members. Furthermore, the ETCs provide facilities for the interoperability test. The accredited test centers are pleased to receive device donations to expand the interoperabilty networks at each facility. In return, qualified feedback regarding the behaviour of its product within the interoperability network is being provided.

Customers prefer certified devices!

Can I contribute to the topic conformance actively?

There several possibilities to contribute actively. You are invited to join the Technical Working Group Conformance (TWG Conformance), which constantly enhance the test cases and relevant specifications. Furthermore any feedback is very much welcomed at any time!